Love, Care & Serve
QtyAuthor Last NameFirst NameTitle
11Michael / PelaiscGerhard / DavidGod's trustees
7ChambersOswaldMy utmost for his highest
7McDowellJoshA quest for answers: The DaVinci code
5LucadoMaxThe great house of God
5KendallR.T.Total forgiveness
4HolladayTomThe relationship principles of Jesus (with CD)
4Lutheran World MissionHow do you start a fire with water?
4PulsDaniel W.A Christian perspective on homosexuality
4HewittHughThe good and faithful servant
4GinkelDonald F.Our awesome God
4Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferThe stars tell the story
4LewisC.S.Mere Christianity
3CollverAlbert B.Witness, mercy life together
3McDowellJoshBeyond belief to convictions booklet
3Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferHome sweet home
3Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferComing of age gracefully
3GrahamBillyAnswers to life's problems
3Haugk / McKeyKenneth / WilliamChristian caregiving and way of life
2JacobsCharlesPrefaces to the New Testament
2Hanegraaff / MallerHank / PaulThe DaVinci code - fact or fiction
2HallesbyO.God's word for today
2HolladayTomGreat chapters of the Bible: Romans chapter 8
2Gills, MDJames P.The unseen essential
2GaminoLouis & CooneyWhen your baby dies
2Gills, MDJames P.The dynamics of worship
2KochRuth & Hough KennethSpeaking the truth in love
2Reader's DigestJesus and his times
2Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferHarmony
2OmartianStormieThe power of a praying wife
2NordenRudolf F.Every day with the Savior
2NordenRudolf F.Each day with Jesus
2NohlFrederickMartin Luther: Hero of Faith
2NelsonThomasGod's promises for your every need
2Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferA time to mourn, a time to dance
2McGreedySister Mary RoseSometimes God has a kid's face
2ArnDr. WinThe Pastor's Church growth handbook
2BakerJohnLife's healing choices
2MaierPaul L.First Christmas
2Lutheran Church MissouriChristian faith and human beginnnings
2LucadoMaxSix hours one Friday
2BuckinghamJamiePower for living
2CanfieldJackChicken soup for the soul
2LucadoMaxAnd the angels were silent
2LiebenowGeorge HansComfort comfort my poeple
2EggerichsDr. EmersonLove and respect
2Lutheran ChurchChristian Faith and human beings
2RainwaterPearlGrandma's voice
1BrightBillAbundant living
1BrightBillThe coming revival
1BrightBillGod - Discover his character
1BrightBillSeven Promises of a promis keeper
1BrightJohnThe kingdom of God
1BrightBillA history of Israel
1BrightonMarkEnd times - The Lutheran difference
1BriscoeJillOne year book of devotions for women
1BriscoeStuartA piece of my mind
1BrokeringHerbertIopener - 80 parables
1BrouwerSigmundThe weeping chamber
1BrownBob W.Getting married again
1BrownHandel H.Keeping the spirit of Christianity
1BrownHandel H.When Jesus came
1BrownSteveJumping hurdles
1BruceF.F.Jesus and Paul and places they knew
1Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferKeep kids safe
1BudziszewskiJ.How to stay Christian in college
1BurpoTodd & SonjaHeaven changes everything
1BelaficGerhard, Mike & DavidGod's trustees
1Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferAgent of Grace
1CampoloTonyFollowing Jesus without embarassing God
1CarnegieDaleChristmas treasury for kids
1CarnegieDaleHow to win friendship and influence people
1CarnegieDaleLincoln the unknown
1CarsonD.A.The sermon on the mount
1CarterLesThe missing peace
1CarterLesPutting the past behind
1CarterStephen J.Witness to the light
1AbdonDonaldTraining and equipping the Saints
1ChapmanGaryThe five love languages
1ChoDr. Paul YonggiSuccessful home cell groups
1ChristensonEvelynWhat happens when women pray
1ChristensonLarryThe Christian family
1ChristensonLarry & NordisThe Christian couple
1ClasionGeorgeThe richest man in Babylon
1Cloyd / TownsendDr. Henry / Dr. JohnBoundries
1CloydBetty ShannonParents & Grandparents
1ColemanRobert E.The master plan of evangelism
1ColemanRobert E.Songs of heaven
1CollinsAceStories behind the best loved songs of Christmas
1Aid Assoc. for LutheransBonhoefferTogether forever
1CanfieldJackA case of chicken soup for the family Christian soul
1CymbalaJimWhen God's spirit moves
1ColsonLoving God
1Concordia PublishingThe Apostles creed
1Concordia PublishingGrowing as a blended family
1Concordia PublishingLift up your hearts
1Concordia PublishingThe Lord's prayer
1Concordia PublishingOvercoming doubt
1Concordia PublishingThe Sacraments
1Concordia PublishingServants of the Lord
1Concordia PublishingSpiritual guides nurturing the children of promise
1Concordia PublishingA week in the life of the Lutheran Church The Missouri Synod
1Cornerstone Stewardship MinistryGod's gracious invitation
1CrosbyCindyWaiting for morning
1DanaHarveyNew testament world
1DavisRon LeeA forgiving God in an unforgivable world
1DaviesA. PowellThe meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls
1DeRosis, MDHelenParent Power, Child Power
1DeVantierPaulBy the way
1DickDanMore devotions for dieters
1DobsonDr. JamesHide or Seek
1DobsonDr. JamesDare to discipline
1DobsonDr. JamesMarriage under fire
1DobsonDr. JamesPreparing for adolescense
1EadieBettyEmbraced by the light
1EbaughDavid P.The key to the Tribulation
1American Bible SocietyInside the mysteries of the Bible
1EggerichsDr. EmersonLove and respect - Motivate your man God's way
1EldredgeJohnWild at heart
1ElliotElesabethSecure in the everlasting arms
1EngelbrechtEdwardOne true God
1EricksonKenneth A.Christian time management
1EriksonErikYoung man, Luthor
1ErricoRocco A.Let there be light
1EusebiusThe history of the church
1EvansRichard PaulThe Christmas box collection
1Evans Richard PaulThe locket
1EarlyDave21 reasons bad things happen to good people
1FoxEmmettThe sermon on the mount - the key to success in life
1FaithCandiceWhere were you when he called
1FedererWilliam J.America's God and country
1FerriniPaulLove without conditions
1FieldsW.J.Unity in marriage
1FisherMarySleeping with the angels
1FoxeJohnFoxe's book of Martyrs
1FranciscoAdamThe quest for spirituality
1FrankDon & JanUnclaimed baggage
1FranzmannLuekingGrace under pressure
1FunkRobert W,A credible Jesus
1Anderson Joan WesterWhere angels walk
1GeislerNormanAnswering Islam
1GeorgeElizabethA women's call to prayer
1GibsonDiane L.Chrismons: They point to Jesus
1GilbertLarryHow to find meaning and fulfillment
1GillquistPeter E.Let's quit fighting about the Holy Spirit
1Gills, MDJames P.Come unto me
1ArmstrongKarenA history of God
1Gills, MDJames P.Exceeding gratitude imaginations - More than you think
1Gills, MDJames P.The prayerful spirit
1Gills, MDJames P.Tender journey
1AbanesRichardsonFantasy and your family
1GinkelDonald F.The many wonders of heaven
1Arn / McGowranDr. Win / DonaldHow to grow a church
1GirzoneJoseph F.A portrait of Jesus
1GirzoneJoseph F.Joshua and the child
1God's wordGod's word of hope
1GomesPeter J.The good book
1GoyerTriciaFrom dust and ashes
1ArnaltW.Does the Bible contradict itself
1GrahamBillyThe collected works of Billy Graham
1GrahamBillyThe Jesus generation
1GrahamBillyJust as I am
1GrahamBillyPeace with God
1GrahamDr. JackTriumph! How you can overcome death and gain eternal life
1GrahamRuth BellProdigals & those who love them
1GrotheRebeccaLifelong learning
1Group Youth MinistryGrand days
1Group Youth MinistryNo more us and them
1Group Youth MinistryTerminute devotions
1GuidepostsDaily guideposts 2003
1GuidepostsDaily guideposts 2011
1HailePeterThe difference God makes
1HalbertChristopherThe unexplained miracles
1HaldaneAlbertMysteries and more angel's signs
1ArterburnStephenSeven keys to spiritual renewal
1Hallmark Crown EditionsPortrait of Jesus
1HanegraaffHankChristian in crisis
1AugsburgerDavidCaring enough to confront
1HardenburgMary LouiseSaved by the bus
1HarrisonR.K.Jeremiah and Lamentations
1HartmanJack & JudyA close and intimate relationship with God
1HartwigRaymond L.Luthanisia
1HaugkKennethDon't sing sons to a heavy heart
1HaugkKennethQuestions and answers about church inactivity
1HaugkKennethWhen and how to use mental health resources
1AdamsTheodore F.Making your marriage succeed
1HeineckePaulCourageous Churches: Refusing Decline, Inviting Growth
1HeitzigSkipGod prints
1HellerJosephGod knows
1HendryGeorge S.The Holy Spirit Christian theology
1BakerRobertHow do you start a fire with water
1Barbour PublishersLight for my path
1HillersDelbertCovenant - The history of a covenant - Biblical idea
1HinckleyK.C.A compact guide to the Christian life
1HinnBenneyGood morning Holy Spirit
1BarclayWilliamAnd Jesus said
1HolumKenneth G.King Herod's dream - Caesarea on the sea
1HolmesMarjorieThe Messiah
1HongEdnaForgiveness is a work as well as a grace
1HooverChade E,Vocation: God serves through us
1HowardDavid M.Fascinating Bible facts: People places and events
1HunterKent R.Moving the church into actions
1HurnardHannahHinds' feet on high places
1HybelsBill Just walk across the room
1Hybels BillThe God you're looking for
1IngramChipGood to great in God's eyes
1BarclayWilliamThe letters of James and Peter
1JacobsArlandThe future of Lutheranism in a global text
1JakesT.D.Woman thou art loosed
1AckerJ.W.Teach us to pray
1JeremiahDavidCaptured by grace
1JeremiahDavidWhy the nativity
1JohnsonPhilipDarwin on trial
1JonesE. StanleyConversion
1Jones / Wilson Judy / WilliamAn incomplete education
1JordanClarenceThe cotton patch version Luke and Acts
1JungkuntzRichardThe Gospel of Baptism
1KaronJonShepherds Abiding
1KeithKentAnyway the paradoxical commencements
1KeillorGarrisonLife among the Lutherans
1KellerPhillipA shepard looks at Psalm 23
1KemperFrederick w.Variety for worship
1KendallR.T.Total forgiveness experience
1BarclayWilliamThe letters of John
1KennedyD. JamesWhat if Jesus had never been born?
1KennedyGeraldThe Parables: Sermons on the stories Jesus told
1KingMarie GentertFoxe's books of Martyrs
1BarnaGeorgeThe seven faith tribes
1KinnamanScot A.Worshipping with angels and archangels
1KlausThe Rev. Kenneth R.Changeless Christ & changing world Vol. 1
1KlausThe Rev. Kenneth R.Changeless Christ & changing world Vol. 2
1KlosFrank W.Confirmation and FIRST COMMUNION
1KlosFrank W.Confirmation and FIRST COMMUNION - A study book
1KnofekJames HowardUnlocking the mystery of Revelation
1BarnettPaulThe birth of Christianity - The first 20 years
1KoehlerEdward W.A summary of Christian Doctrine
1KolbErwinJewish holidays
1KnottRonald AlanCollege Faith (2)
1KoopmanLeroyGuide to Ecclesiastical bird watching
1KorthalsRichard GMy Savior at my side
1LoacheN. J. Book of family prayer
1LaHavreBeverlySeason of blessing
1LancortJoyceTough and tender
1LaneWilliamHebrews a call to commitment
1LangfordHarrisTraps: a probe of those strong new cults
1Lutheran Church Missouri SynodChurch & Ministry
1Lutheran Hour MinistriesDivorce
1RamseyDaveThe money answer book
1Lutheran ChurchHas God abandoned me?
1Lutheran ChurchTogether with all creatures
1Pope John Paul IIGift and Mystery
1Lutheran ChurchThe Creator's tapestry
1LenskiR.C.H.The interpretation of ?
1PfitznerV.C.God is good (with study guide)
1LewisC.S.A severe mercy
1LewisC.S.Prince Caspian
1LewisC.S.The Screw Tape Letters
1LewisC.S.Surprised by joy
1Northwestern PublishingFor such a time as this
1Life PublishersThe book of hope
1LindseyHalFaith for Earth's final hour
1LindseyHalThe late great planet Earth
1LindseyHalThe terminal generation
1LiftauerFlorenceHow to get along with difficult people
1LittlePaulThe answer to life
1LotzAnnie GrahamGod's story
1LotzAnnie GrahamThe vision of his glory
1MooreThomasCare of the soul
1LucadoMaxThe applause of Heaven
1LucadoMaxCare for the common life
1ManuelDavidMedjugorje: Under Siege
1LucadoMaxThe gift for all people
1LucadoMaxGod came near
1LucadoMaxGrace for the moment
1LucadoMaxColossians and Philemon
1LucadoMaxThe greatest moments in the life of Christ
1LucadoMaxHe chose the nails
1LucadoMaxIn the eye of the storm
1LucadoMaxIn the grip of Grace
1LucadoMaxJacob's gift
1LucadoMaxA love worth giving
1LucadoMaxNo wonder they call him the Savior
1ChristensonEvelynWhat happens when women pray
1LucadoMaxTraveling light
1LucadoMaxWhen Christ comes
1LuekeDavidEvangeical style and Lutheran substance
1LudwigJ. TaylorIt was never about books
1BuscagliaLeo F.Living, Loving & Learning
1Lutheran Church MissouriThe Creator's tapestry
1Lutheran Church MissouriHas God abandoned me?
1Lutheran Church MissouriTogether with all creatures
1LutenL. GrantIn his own words
1LutzerErwin W,Cries from the Cross
1MaasKoreyThe Lutheran Difference: Law and Gospel
1MaceDavid R.Getting ready for marriage
1MacomberDebbieCall me Mrs. Miracle
1MacGregorJerry100 surprising things you should know about the Bible
1MacDonaldGordonOrdering your private world
1MacArthurJohn Jr.Jesus: pattern of prayer
1MaierPaul L.First Christians
1RubinBarryYou bring the bagels I'll bring the gospel
1MaierPaul L.First Easter
1MaierPaul L.The very first Christmas
1MaierPaul L.In the fullness of time
1MaierPaul L.Josephus, the essential writings
1MaierPaul L.A man spoke: a world listened
1MaierPaul L.Martin Luther: a man who changed the world
1MallE. JaneKitty my rib
1MansfieldStephenThe faith of George Bush
1MarchianoBruceJesus wept
1MartinFrancis P.Hung by the tongue
1MartinJanet LetnessGrowing up Lutheran: What does this mean?
1MaxwellJohn C.Leadership: promises for every day
1MayerF.E.The religious bodies of America
1McCoyMichaelA Christian perspective on creation vs. evolution
1Rosser / VaughnDoris / EllenThe God who hung on the cross
1Rose PublishingThen and Now Bible maps
1McDowellJoshMore than a carpenter
1McGreedySister Mary RoseGod isn't done with me yet
1RogersHaroldHarry Denman: a Biography
1McGinnisAlan LoyBringing out the best in people
1McGinniAlan LoyThe friendship factor
1McManusErwin RaphaelChasing Daylight
1MeyerJoyceNew day, new you
1RoehlkepartainJolene & EugenePrescription for a healthy church
1Minirth / MeierFrank M.D. / Dr. PaulHappiness is a choice
1Minirth / MeierFrank M.D. / Dr. PaulTaking control
1MichenerJamesThe Covenant
1MillerCalvinA hunger for meaning and the taste of joy
1MontgomeryJohn WarwickPrincipalities and powers
1MorganC. CampbellThe practice of prayer
1MorleyPatrickThe man in the mirror
1MortonH.V.In search of the Holy Land
1MuellerCharles S.God will not forget you
1MuellerDelNarratives of the Nativity
1MullerRichardIs it in the Bible?
1MurrayAndrewWith wings as eagles
1National Geographic SocietyGreat religions of the world
1RobertsOralMiracle of seed: Faith
1New Orleans Vatican PavillionTreasures of the Vatican
1RobertsLeePraying God's will for my wife
1NordenRudolf F.The Christian in a pagan society
1RobertsLeePraying God's will for my son
1RobertsLeePraying God's will for my husband
1NouwenHenry J.M.Aging: The Fulfillment of Life
1NouwenHenry J.M.The wounded healer
1OgilvieLloyd JohnFalling into greatness
1OgilvieLloyd JohnPraying through the times
1OlfordStephen F.The living word
1OmartianStormieThe power of a praying husband
1RobertsFrancesCome away my beloved
1OmartianStormieThe power of a praying woman
1ParvisMatthewGlimpses of Heaven
1PetersonEugene H.The message of hope
1PealeNorman VincentThe positive principle today
1ParrotCraigGlimpses of Heaven
1PfoferhauerPatraDaily prayer: The Lutheran Difference
1PlassEwaldWhat Luther says: A practical in home for the anthology for the active Christian
1PlattDavidFollow me
1Powell / BradyJohn / LorettaWill the real me please stand up?
1PowellJohnWhy am i afraid to tell you who I am?
1PrahlowJamesFields to harvest
1PrattRichard L Jr.Pray with your eyes open
1RiceHelen SteinerA book of thanks
1ParsonRobAlmost everything I need to know about God
1RennerIsrael - Yesterday and tody
1Reader's DigestGreat people of the Bible and how they lived
1JeffressRobertHell? Yes!
1BateyRichard A.Jesus and the forgotten city
1BeckerNorbertHeaven and Hell - The edge of eternity
1BeggAlistairMade for H.I.S. Pleasure
1Bethesda InstituteFirst conversations
1BettensonHenryThe early Christian fathers
1BimlerRichard & RobertA word to my sponsor
1BimlerRichard & RobertLet there be laughter
1Bimler / SchroederRichard / TedMiracles in the middle
1BlackabyHenry & RichardHearing God's voice
1Blackaby / KingHenry / ClaudeExperiencing God's voice
1BloomfieldArthur E.Before the last battle
1BonhoefferDietrichLife together
1BoonePatThe real Christmas
1Brand / YancyDr. Paul / PhilipFearfully and wonderfully made
1BrandtLeslieMeditations on a loving God
1BrauerJanice K.A rainbow of stars
1BeilensonNickA gift of friendship
1BlackabyHenry & NormanExperiencing prayer & Jesus
1BurkeDeniseHour to meditate God's word
1Breem / KallestadMike / WaltA passionate life

The Vision of Faith:  Faith Lutheran exists to bring the salvation of Jesus Christ to people and send them to Heaven for all eternity.

The Mission of Faith:  Faithful to God’s Word through Christ, we aspire to love, care, and serve all people.
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